Statement of Purpose

We believe improved literacy skills improves quality of life for individuals and the community.  Therefore, our purpose is to promote the growth of literacy in our community.

Definition of Literacy

Literacy involves a continuum of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals, to develop their knowledge and potential, and to thrive in their community and wider society. (UNESCO).


Through literacy, people in the community are thriving in an ever changing world.


Mission Literacy in Motion is passionate about making a difference with integrity, inclusion, accountability, and transparency.


Mission Literacy in Motion will empower people by making connections.

Statement of Goals

  • To encourage and support learner groups from Early Years, Youth, Adult, Seniors, to English as a Second Language
  • To establish literacy partnerships among community organizations, in our changing workplace environments, and community service groups
  • To identify and address the variety of literacy needs in the community of Mission with all its’ diversities
  • To increase access and to new and existing literacy skill building opportunities
  • To find and make use of as many funding opportunities as possible
  • To promote the many facets of literacy awareness in our community

Contact our Community Literacy Outreach Coordinators:

Telephone: 604.820.2027 E-mail: