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Adult literacy matters…to all of us. Mission Literacy in Motion invites you to be a part of supporting literacy development.Contribute to an adult learner’s quality of life, and help make Mission a healthier, stronger community.

Training takes place at our office:
D219-33700 Prentis Avenue Mission, BC
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Our next Volunteer Tutor Training is dependent on Registration
For more information: 604.820.2027

What kind of people are adult Learners?

While there is no “typical” adult Learner, there are some common reasons that adults enter an adult literacy program:

  • they may never have had the opportunity to attend school
  • they may have had different learning styles that weren’t taken into account in the school system
  • some adult learners have had learning challenges that have gone undiagnosed
  • some adult learners have dropped out of school for any number of personal reasons

Many adults who attend literacy programs are just like you. They work, raise families, participate in their communities, and share time with friends.

Becoming a Volunteer Tutor provides you with the opportunity to meet interesting adult learners who will enrich your life, as much as you will contribute to theirs!

What kind of people become Volunteer Tutors?

A Volunteer Tutor:

  • has an attitude of respect for learners
  • understands that working with adult learners primarily involves “learning together”
  • develops trusting relationships
  • works to achieve the learner’s needs and goals
  • understands that their contribution, to support an adult learner, can be a powerful force for positive social change
  • celebrates the learner’s successes and offers encouragement along the way
  • takes genuine pleasure in helping people

If you can imagine working with a learner as an opportunity to “learn together,” then you are ready to volunteer as an adult literacy tutor!

To Register Please Contact our Literacy Outreach Coordinators:

604.820.2027 or by email at

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